1867 Summer Show

Taken from The Bream Magazine, September 1867.

(Part Only – starting with the winners in the annual Flower Show)

A. Hayward.—Medicinal Herbs (best collection of): 1st.Richard Brain.—Cabbages (4): 1st. J. Croome; 2nd James Baker; 3rd. Richard Johnson; 4th. Frank Lucas.—Potatoes (half- peck): 1st. James Price; 2nd. Frank Lucas; 3rd. Charles Jones; 4th. J, Baker.— Green Peas (half peck) 1st. Thomas Watkins ; 2nd.
Charles Jones ; 3rd. Richard Hewlett.—Broad Beans (half peck) Rd. Howells; 2nd. Thomas Watkins; 3rd. James Baker.—Cucumbers (3) 1st. Rd. Johnson;—Carrots (6) 1st. James Kear (Mark) ; 2nd. George Wintour ; 3rd. Richard Johnson; 4th. James Billy.—Turnips (6): 1st. George Wintour; 2nd. F. Lucas; 3rd.J. Hunt; 4th. J. Shingles.—Parsnips (6): 1st. James Kear (Mark); 2nd. Richard Johnson; 3rd. John Morgan; 4th. Richard Hewlett.—Cauliflowers (3): 1st. Richard Johnson; 2nd.James Thomas.— Spring Onions (24): 1st. W. Miles; 2nd. C. Summers; 3rd. Richard Hewlett; 4th. J. Morgan.—Winter Onions (24): 1st. James Kear (Mark) ; 2nd. W. Miles; 3rd. R. Johnson; 4th. F. Lucas.—Lettuces (4): 1st. Richard Johnson; 2nd. Richard Brain.—Celery (3 sticks): 1st. Richard Johnson; 2nd. T. Watkins.—Scarlet Runners: 1st. E. James; 2nd. James Kear (Mark); 3rd. William Thomas.—Vegetables (basket of): 1st. Richard Johnson; 2nd. Charles Jones; 3rd. John Shingles; 4th. William Thomas.—Rhubarb (6 sticks): 1st. W. Miles; 2nd. James Thomas; 3rd. James Price.

The accounts show a smaller balance in hand than before, owing to the hire of the tent and the greater expenditure in prizes; this will necessitate economy for the next year, as the Society should always have at least £5 in hand, to meet any unforeseen deficiencies, such as might be caused by a wet show day, or other circumstances tending to thin the attendance.