1897 Summer Show

Taken from The Bream Magazine 1897

The annual flower fruit and vegetable show was held on Thursday August 12th, in a field on the Sun Tump, kindly lent by Mr. A. Ellsmore, of the Sun Inn. In addition to the show, there was a program of rustic sports. The exhibits numbered over 200, and the exhibitors were about 50, much the same as last year. The exhibits were staged in a large tent, and were a very creditable lot, fully equal to previous efforts. The judges were Mr. Locke of Eastbach Court, and Mr. Gunter of Newland House, who spoke in praise of the exhibits as a whole, especially as regards to the garden produce. The value of the prizes was about £16. The show was under the following management: President, the Rev. E.F. Eales (vicar); vice-president, Rev, W.F. Adams (curate); treasurer, Mr. G. Smith; hon. sec. Mr. A. Batten; and a strong representative committee. There was a large attendance during the evening. The Bream brass band (leader Mr. J. Bevan) was present and played dance and other music, and a very pleasant and enjoyable evening was spent. The committee desire to thank all those who helped to make the show the grand successit proved. The following is the prize list.

Flower Show prize winners 1897 (86k)