The new Bream Maypole

A photo of Bream Maypole erected April 29th 2016.
Bream Maypole erected in April 2016

The new Maypole was erected at The Old Place, ‘The Maypole’, Bream on April 29th in time for May Day on May 1st.

All being well, Bream Dibbers will once again be performing their dance ‘Bean Setting’.

A photo of a Bream Dibber
Gerald Dowle with one of the Bream Dibbers.

The Bream Anniversary Quilt

Members at work on the Bream Gardening Society Anniversary Quilt.

The 1965 Quilt

In 1965 for our 100th Anniversary Show some ladies of the Society (then called the Bream Horticultural Society) created a quilt which was the main prize for the raffle. We could not locate that quilt but Diana Standing, Programme Secretary, suggested we create another quilt for our 150th show.

The 2015 Quilt

About a dozen ladies started to get together once a month early in 2014 to make this memorial quilt at Diana’s house. Most of us had no experience but under the expert guidance and tutorage of Clare Bishop, the project was completed. In addition to the quilt the group sewed a banner with the Society’s name and the years of operation. Mabel Martin sadly died while the quilt was being constructed but is remembered by her initialled squares.

Other decorations

A photo taken inside the marquee at the 2015 show.
The annual show 2015.

In addition to the quilt and banner, members of the ‘quilting bee’ made individual banners showing flowers, vegetables, birds and butterflies to celebrate the joy of gardening using a variety of sewing techniques. The quilt, name banner, individual banners and bunting were used to decorate the main marquee for the 150th show in August 2015.