155th Annual Summer Show schedule for 2020 Virtual Show

2020 Virtual Summer Show Schedule

The Show schedule tells you what you can enter in the show and how to submit your entry.

Click the link or button below to download the show schedule as a pdf file.

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Bream Gardening Society would like to thank our supporters:
Knockley Dog Foods
Sally’s Florist
Fryday’s of Bream
The Coffee Shop, Bream
Coinros Park Nurseries
Coleford Garden Centre
Andy’s Butchers
Cackett’s Nursery
Bream Sports Club

Notice to Members APRIL 2020

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic there will be no group meetings for the time being.

The committee is continuing to meet via online meetings and all news is being circulated to members by email.

We are currently discussing how the Summer Show may look, depending, of course, on how restrictions stand by the end of August. This show has been running since 1865 with only one year missed due to the General Strike of 1926. We are working hard to make sure that 2020 has a show to continue this amazing record to date. Please continue to support your society.

The new Bream Maypole

A photo of Bream Maypole erected April 29th 2016.
Bream Maypole erected in April 2016

The new Maypole was erected at The Old Place, ‘The Maypole’, Bream on April 29th in time for May Day on May 1st.

All being well, Bream Dibbers will once again be performing their dance ‘Bean Setting’.

A photo of a Bream Dibber
Gerald Dowle with one of the Bream Dibbers.