Summer Show – Winners

Show Winners

BGS Show Winners

  • Class 1 – Show Entry no.137

    A display of your fruit and/or vegetables.

    1st Prize and Best in Section- Graham Vaughan

    First Prize

  • Class 2 – Show Entry no.30

    A display of 1 type of fruit or vegetable

    A selection of onions

    1st Prize – Glyn Jenkins.

    First Prize

  • Class 3 – Show Entry no.176

    The heaviest cabbage. Displayed on scales.

    Cabbage weighs 5kg

    1st Prize – Graham Vaughan

    First Prize

  • Class 4 – Show Entry no.11

    An extraordinary vegetable: eg an uncommon, outstanding, large, long, grotesque, or amusing specimen.

    In this case, a wonky potato

    1st Prize -Diana Standing

    First Prize

  • Class 5 – Show Entry no.52

    Novice Section – one or more fruits and/or vegetables grown by a person who has not entered these in a show before.

    1st Prize – Jennifer Lang

    First Prize

  • Class 6 – Show Entry no.20

    A vase of garden flowers – single or mixed variety.

    1st Prize and Best in Section- Diana Standing

    First Prize

  • Class 7 – Show Entry no.37

    A single stem of any type in a vase.

    1st Prize – Jennifer Lang

    First Prize

  • Class 8 – Show Entry no.142

    A single or a collection of pot plants.

    1st Prize – Kathryn Gardner

    First Prize

  • Class 9 – Show Entry no.56

    The tallest sunflower. Show with tape measure

    8ft tall

    1st Prize – Helen Esplin

    First Prize

  • Class 10 – Show Entry no.166

    A traditional flower arrangement on any theme.

    “Burns’ Night”

    1st Prize and Best in Section -Julie Sparkes

    First Prize

  • Class 11 – Show Entry no.150

    A contemporary/modern arrangement on any theme.

    1st Prize Peggy Herbert

    First Prize

  • Class 12 – Show Entry no.34

    A novelty arrangement eg unusual container, miniature etc…..

    Miss Muffet’s Garden.

    1st Prize Ann Middleton

    First Prize

  • Class 13 – Show Entry no.65

    Any item of crochet or a hand-knitted item.

    1st Prize Suzanne Snowden

    First Prize

  • Class 14 – Show Entry no.27

    Some hand embroidery; or a tapestry; or a fabric wall-hanging

    Wall-hanging measuring 89 x 138cm

    1st Prize Suzanne Snowden

    First Prize

  • Class 15 – Show Entry no.87

    An item of decoupage, origami or a hand made greetings card

    card with folded fabric 15 x 21cm

    1st Prize Clare Bishop

    First Prize

  • Class 16 – Show Entry no. 8

    Any other soft craft eg cushion, soft toy, felting etc…..

    cushion measures 38 x 38cm

    1st Prize Mary Boddy

    First Prize

  • Class 17 – Show Entry no.183

    Any other hard craft eg wood, glass, ceramics, beadwork etc…..

    Stained glass window measures 20inches x 36 inches

    1st Prize and Best in Section -Susan Osborne

    First Prize

  • Class 18 – Show Entry no.178

    A cake, any type, without fancy icing.

    Herr Bosham’s Schichttorte cake.

    1st Prize Elizabeth Gardner

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments:

    Entry 178 – Schichttorte Cake

    A highly impressive winning cake!   The recipe was essential to help me judge this one and to realise the work that has gone into making it.  You have chosen an unusual cake, requiring patience and skill to achieve the required texture without burning the 20 thin layers of cake mixture under the grill.  Not many cakes for domestic consumption use ten eggs!  You have achieved a high gloss on the chocolate glaze used to coat and add flavour to the cake.  Congratulations.

  • Class 19 – Show Entry no.139

    A plate of decorated party cakes.

    Bug Life by Germaine Greer

    1st Prize Kathryn Gardner

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments:

    Entry 139 – Bug Life

    A worthy winner!  Excellent decorative skills shown, perfect finish and attention to detail. The cakes are well risen with a light, fluffy texture.  You have provided a detailed and well-presented recipe page, thanks. Not evident in the photo is the interesting combination of ingredients used.  The Honeybee Cakes contain home made yoghurt and local honey, the Ladybird Cakes contain coconut and yoghurt with a fresh raspberry centre.  The decorations are formed from modelling paste which has been expertly coloured (not easy to get this even and streak free) Congratulations.

  • Class 20 – Show Entry no.140

    A savoury pastry dish.

    Forest Fidget Pie by Pigling Bland.

    1st Prize Kathryn Gardner

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments:

    Entry 140 – Forest Fidget Pie

    A winner.  What a great sounding recipe, one to try!  Research suggests that it originates from Shropshire but has been adapted here for a Forest version. The decoration on top is imaginative and effective; it is an original idea to add ground pepper to colour some of the facial features, although a warning would be needed for eating.  Using an egg wash rather than milk would have given a golden glow to the face.  Skill has been shown in the shaping and lining of the tin with pastry, difficult to do in a deep container.  The pastry is firm enough to hold all the layers of filling – potato, apple, onion, sage, curd cheese and apple juice.  Your photo is presented well (the Hornsea plates bring back memories of the ones we used to have!)  Thanks for providing a clearly typed and easy to follow recipe.  Congratulations.

  • Class 21 – Show Entry no.19

    A jar of jam, honey, marmalade or chutney. With label and date

    Seville Orange Marmalade January 2020

    1st Prize Jean Powell

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments:

    Entry 19 – Seville Orange Marmalade

    A winner.  Your photo is clever in that it uses the sun to highlight the bright colour and clarity of your marmalade. It looks lovely in a garden setting, which is so different from the depths of winter when Seville oranges are in season.  The marmalade is holding its shape well on the plate, so the consistency is correct, and the peel appears to be evenly distributed throughout.  The label is attractive but for show purposes needs to show the actual date of manufacture, not just the month and year.

  • Class 22 – Show Entry no.162

    A view of nature.

    1st Prize and Best in Section – Neil Weaver

    First Prize


  • Class 23 – Show Entry no.98

    A building or structure local to the area

    Sally’s Florist

    1st Prize Geoff Davis

    First Prize

  • Class 24 – Show Entry no.41

    In my garden.

    1st Prize Jennifer Lang

    First Prize

  • Class 25 – Show Entry No.128

    Any artwork or craft.

    Artist aged 5

    1st Prize Ellis Weaver

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments: What a good idea to paint a cheerful sunflower for the garden society’s show. And such a clever way of painting all of the seeds in the middle. (I am sure that the birds would like to eat all of those seeds.) A beautiful painting, well done.

  • Class 26 – Show Entry no.7

    Any baking or sweet-making

    baker aged 8

    Joint 1st Prize and Best in Section – Ashton Smurthwate

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments: You look very proud of your scones and you should be. They have risen really well and they are a lovely golden colour. Seeing so many delicious looking scones has made me feel very hungry! Well done and a deserved ‘Best in Section’

  • Class 26 – Show Entry no.131

    Any baking or sweet-making.

    My birthday cake. Baker aged 5 made the cake and decorated it.

    Joint 1st Prize Ewan Harrison

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments: Such a clever idea. Your Malteser boulders look very heavy. Did any of your dumper trucks get stuck in all that sticky chocolate mud? I expect everyone couldn’t wait to try a slice of your cake!

  • Class 27 – Show Entry no.132

    A picture of a rainbow to hang in your window.

    Paper chain rainbow by artist aged 5.

    1st Prize Ewan Harrison

    First Prize

    Judge’s comments: What an unusual way of creating a rainbow. It hangs so nicely in your window. I am sure that it made everyone in your street smile when they walked past.