Class 20 – Show Entry no.140

A savoury pastry dish.

Forest Fidget Pie by Pigling Bland.

1st Prize Kathryn Gardner

First Prize

Judge’s comments:

Entry 140 – Forest Fidget Pie

A winner.  What a great sounding recipe, one to try!  Research suggests that it originates from Shropshire but has been adapted here for a Forest version. The decoration on top is imaginative and effective; it is an original idea to add ground pepper to colour some of the facial features, although a warning would be needed for eating.  Using an egg wash rather than milk would have given a golden glow to the face.  Skill has been shown in the shaping and lining of the tin with pastry, difficult to do in a deep container.  The pastry is firm enough to hold all the layers of filling – potato, apple, onion, sage, curd cheese and apple juice.  Your photo is presented well (the Hornsea plates bring back memories of the ones we used to have!)  Thanks for providing a clearly typed and easy to follow recipe.  Congratulations.