Summer Show Schedule

155th Annual Summer Show schedule for the 2020 Virtual Show – & How to Enter.

Due to the current uncertainties we have chosen to hold a virtual show this year. This will be the 155th show, in all these years there has only been one summer without a show and that was due to the General Strike of 1926. We are keen to keep Bream Gardening Society Summer Show running and as good as ever.

Please have a look at the schedule and send us photos of your exhibits. There are no entry fees and no prize money but there will be rosettes for first prize winners and a Best in Show certificate judged by our former President.

Class 5 is for those who are new to gardening and who have not exhibited in the show before. The prize for this novice class is a free one year BGS membership.

Everyone is welcome to enter, you do not have to be a member of Bream Gardening Society. So, please, join with us and enter the spirit of 2020. Further details can be found in the show schedule. View or download the schedule below

2020 Show Schedule

Click the link or button to download the pdf file of the show schedule.


– Take a photograph of your entry and email it to the email address above any time between 1st July and 16th August 2020

– If you cannot send the photo by email then post it to the show secretary (address above) and it will be scanned in. You should enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you want the photo to be returned.

– There are no entry fees and no cash prizes. We hope you will be rewarded by a sense of achievement and well-being!


CLASS 1 A display of your fruit and/or vegetables.
CLASS 2 A display of 1 type of fruit or vegetable.
CLASS 3 The heaviest cabbage. Displayed on scales.
CLASS 4 An extraordinary vegetable: e.g. an uncommon, outstanding, large, long, grotesque, or amusing specimen.
CLASS 5 Novice section – one or more fruits and/or vegetables grown by a person who has not entered these in a show before.


Photos to be taken from the front:
CLASS 6 A vase of garden flowers – single or mixed variety.
CLASS 7 A single stem of any type in a vase.
CLASS 8 A single or a collection of pot plants.
CLASS 9 The tallest sunflower. Show with tape measure.


Photos to be taken from the front:
CLASS 10 A traditional flower arrangement on any theme.
CLASS 11 A contemporary/modern arrangement on any theme.
CLASS 12 A novelty arrangement – e.g. unusual container, miniature, etc


Any size and any subject:
CLASS 13 Any item of crochet or a hand-knitted item.
CLASS 14 Some hand-embroidery; or a tapestry; or a fabric wall-hanging.
CLASS 15 An item of decoupage, origami, or a hand-made greetings card.
CLASS 16 Any other soft craft – e.g. cushion, soft toy, felting, etc.
CLASS 17 Any other hard craft – e.g. wood, glass, ceramics, beadwork etc.


All baking items to be shown with a slice cut out and on the side. Add a label showing the type of cake/dish and an anonymous nickname for yourself, e.g Victoria Sponge by Mrs Beeton. Send a separate photo of the recipe (for the judge only) with your nickname so the judge can match it to the bake.
CLASS 18 A cake, any type; without fancy icing.
CLASS 19 A plate of decorated party cakes.
CLASS 20 A savoury pastry dish.
CLASS 21 A jar of jam, honey, marmalade, or chutney. With label and date.
Jars should show a spoonful of the contents on a saucer.


Basic digital enhancements allowed: see website for definition.
CLASS 22 A view of nature.
CLASS 23 A building or structure local to the area.
CLASS 24 In my garden.


Please provide age of child on 22nd August 2020
CLASS 25 Any artwork or craft. If child is over 9 then it should be garden or nature inspired.
CLASS 26 Any baking or sweet-making.
CLASS 27 A picture of a rainbow to hang in your window.

Viewing The Show

Photographs of each entry will be displayed on this wen site from the show date – Saturday 22nd August 2020.
Some entries will be displayed on our Facebook page – Bream Gardening Society.


Rosettes will be awarded to 1st prize winners. Trophies will not be awarded this year. Our former president Mr Roy Haviland will award a Best In Show certificate.
The Novice vegetable winner in Class 5 will receive 1 year’s free membership of Bream Gardening Society.


The normal rules of a BGS show apply. Please see the here for details or contact the show secretary.


A small team from the committee and the W.I. will act as judges and their decision is final. Please bear in mind that this show is all about having fun, showing what you have produced and keeping the show going in its 155th year!

Our Supporters

Bream Gardening Society would like to thank our supporters:
Knockley Dog Foods
Sally’s Florist
Fryday’s of Bream
The Coffee Shop, Bream
Coinros Park Nurseries
Coleford Garden Centre
Andy’s Butchers
Cackett’s Nursery
Bream Sports Club

An image showing Bream Summer Show Schedule for the 2020 Show