The 2020 Pumpkin Challenge

Class 1 – BIGGEST pumpkin

Must be home grown and photographed showing a tape measure around the girth

This one measures 81cm (32 inches) so is the WINNER 🙂 Congratulations to Graham Vaughan

and this one measures 72cm (28.5 inches), so comes a worthy SECOND. Congratulations to Helen

Class 2 – Best Carved Pumpkin

Shop bought or home grown permitted

These are all amazing entries from “under 8’s”

Koby aged 8

2nd Prize – A neat carving, well done.

Ellis aged 5

1st Prize – frightening and different – well done

Ottilie aged 4

3rd Prize – a very good attempt

Adult Entries

Kathryn's carved pumpkin

Entry 1 FIRST PRIZE Judge’s comment ‘well done’. Kathryn Gardner

Entry 2 3rd PRIZE Judge’s comment ‘ nicely worked’. Kathryn Gardner

Entry 3

Entry 4 SECOND PRIZE Judge’s comment ‘a good carving’. Suzanne Snowden

Entry 5